Cut Copy and the Presets at the Paradise

Getting a bit behind. Saw Australian bands Cut Copy and the Presets at the Paradise last Tuesday. I’d randomly gotten a promo copy of Cut Copy’s In Ghost Colours and immediately liked their 80’s new wave sound, enough to pick up their second album, Bright Like Neon Love. I’d also heard and quite liked the Presets’ song “This Boy’s in Love” (I’m a sucker for falsetto), so I was rather looking forward to them as well.

Because my concert buddy was busy and had our tickets (the jerk, haha) I missed the first band, Heartbreak, who I couldn’t really find anything about beforehand but seems to have a similar 80’s sound. I probably would’ve checked them out otherwise, but as it was we got in just as the Presets were starting. The Presets were actually slightly more subdued than I thought they would be. The songs could’ve easily withstood a more jump around sort of delivery, but for the most part the singer/keyboardist Julian Hamilton (dressed in a neon pink jacket) didn’t move too far away from his array of fiddly knobs. Which is not to say that he wasn’t energetic; the crowd was actually very responsive. The drums were a bit routine and some songs got a bit long, but otherwise their set was enjoyable. The highlight was definitely their extended, shimmering intro to “This Boy’s in Love”, of which I happened to find a clip of on YouTube (the same poster has a couple of other short clips from the show as well).

As for Cut Copy, it was pretty clear the crowd was there for them. Neither the Presets nor Cut Copy’s performances strayed too far from the album versions (although there was a great, much faster version of the latter’s song “Time Stands Still”, from their first album), although the Presets’ sparser texture was a nice contrast to Cut Copy’s more orchestrated sound. Both of them had their fair share of cheesy “work the crowd” type moments, although the rest of the fairly young-ish crowd ate it up. All in all both were definitely worth seeing and worth seeing again. It seems that Cut Copy were in Boston only a few months back, in May, but I’ll be keeping my eye out for when they’re next in town.

Didn’t find anything online in terms of reviews of the show, but in this preview of the show at the writer mentions how unusually rowdy (for Boston) the crowd got at their previous show. This show was indeed surprisingly rowdy for Boston, helped no doubt by the number of young ‘uns, which was a nice change. Makes me feel a bit less like the old-timer I am. 😉

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