Upcoming show: Certainly, Sir at T.T.’s

Been a casual fan of Certainly, Sir for a while now, and saw them at the Enormous Room a couple of years ago and enjoyed them despite the less-than-ideal setting. At that performance it was just the singer and the drummer plus backing tracks, but both were entertaining enough that it was worthwhile. They’re going to be playing at T.T.’s this Thursday from 10-11, along with Coralcola (at 9), Triangle Forest (at 11), and Matters & Dunaway (at midnight). I’m particularly curious about their note on their MySpace page which reads: “Change is afoot in C,SirLand: New faces, new voices, a table of stuff, a will and a prayer.” Checked out the other three bands online who I wasn’t familiar with. Of the three Matters & Dunaway caught my interest the most, but as it’s a school night I doubt I’ll hang around until midnight unless the third band is particularly good. Hoping the show means C,Sir is putting out some new music soon!

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