Dosh and the Notwist at the Roxy

For some unknown reason I thought The Notwist wasn’t going to have an opening band for their show this past Sunday at the Roxy. I guess I was thinking the Roxy was more of a dance club and I was assuming they’d have an early concert and have a club night afterwards, but anyway luckily the opening band was someone I wanted to see, namely Dosh . Dosh is this guy named Martin Dosh who does very loop-based, ambient-type instrumental electronica, reminescent of The Album Leaf. Live he spent most of his time on the keyboard and mixer, although he’d also jump onto his drum set every so often, oftentimes at the climax of a song. He was joined by Mike Lewis who apparently he’s been playing with for a while. Lewis provided saxophone loops and bass. Although I’m not a fan of saxophone in general, it wasn’t obtrusive, and I definitely enjoyed their set. The songs generally seemed to develop in the same kind of way, but I think this was probably more due to the limitations of live mixing than anything else, and I’ll definitely be checking out more of their recordings. You can download some live recordings from last year on his official website along with quite a few other live recordings.

As for The Notwist, I definitely enjoyed them as well. It’s easy for me to be unimpressed by albums, but I’m much more accepting of live music. I knew The Notwist’s latest album, The Devil, You + Me, fairly well, and they played a fair amount from that album. I definitely preferred the songs live, although I still can’t quite reconcile their almost-sentimental guitar-based songs with their noisy electronic-based rock (although the crowd seemed a bit more responsive to the former). The band also played quite a bit off of their previous album, Neon Golden, including “Pick Up The Phone”, “This Room”, “One With The Freaks”, and a really great version of “Pilot” that was the highlight of the show for me and I suspect many others. The song began with an extended section repeating the sample “different cars and trains” and then made its way through various sections, hitting the chorus several times including one final time for good measure as a surprise coda. Like Dosh the songs tended to climax in the same way, but otherwise there was a fair amount of variety in the setlist. The setup included the totally crazy drummer, the typically laconic bassist, the lead singer also on guitar, a guitarist/keyboardist, and a keyboardist/mixer guy who at various points was playing with hacked Wii remotes. Sweet.

BrooklynVegan has some really great photos from the NYC show that was the following night.

Don’t think I have much up next until the M83 show at the Middle East. I need some suggestions!

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