Heroes: 80’s night at T.T.’s

I’ve been meaning to post about a dance night I go to regularly called “Heroes”. It’s an 80’s/new wave type of night, but don’t be surprised if you hear some newer retro tunes by the likes of Cut Copy or some classic helium-voiced Madonna thrown in. The tunes are courtesy of my favorite DJ in Boston, Chris Ewen, of Figures on a Beach and Future Bible Heroes fame, among other things. He used to spin at ye olde Manray, now defunct, which I used to frequent all too regularly in college, even on weeknights when I had a class at 9 a.m. the following day. I blame my less-than-stellar GPA entirely on him.

The 80’s night was homeless and floated around town when Manray closed, but has since found a semi-permanent home at T.T.’s where they put it on at least a couple Saturdays a month (be sure to check the website to see if they’re on for a given week). The music is as good as ever, although the crowd has definitely been a bit hit or miss at times. The crowd at Manray used to be pretty consistent, and although some regulars such as myself have made the transition and kept the scene relatively indie there are some nights that are almost painfully fratty and “girlfriends’ night out”. Which isn’t me being a snob, honest. I’m all for people appreciating good music, but it’s just that it kind of kills the dreamy Joy Division mood when drunk girls and guys are grinding on the dance floor and/or spilling beer on me. Anyway, I’m definitely not complaining too much and fully appreciate Heroes’ new home. Long live Heroes at T.T.’s!

And if you’re looking for some links, Heroes has a page at MySpace. I also came across this set of photos from maybe early last year at Boston.com.

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