Cantata Singers at Jordan Hall: Britten and Vores, plus The Boston Musical Intelligencer

In lieu of a review of the Cantata Singers concert from this past Friday I thought I’d just put up a quick post linking to The Boston Globe’s rather perfunctory review and a more in-depth review on a site I just came across called The Boston Musical Intelligencer.

The latter is well worth exploring. Along with in-depth reviews, they also have an exhaustive calendar of upcoming events and news items and features including a 50-page scan of a work called “History of Music In Boston” written by a John Sullivan Dwight in 1881. According to Wikipedia, Dwight was “America’s first influential classical music critic” and founded Dwight’s Journal of Music which “became the most influential musical publication of 19th century America”. Conceived by Lee Eiseman, program chair of Harvard Musical Association, The Boston Musical Intelligencer has taken Dwight’s journal as its inspiration, and it looks like it’s been up since around last August. With the ongoing slashing of local arts coverage by local publications, particularly classical music, it’s encouraging that enthusiasts are helping fill the void.

One response to “Cantata Singers at Jordan Hall: Britten and Vores, plus The Boston Musical Intelligencer

  1. BOY! Do we love the comments we are receiving from people such as you. It makes all the effort of churning out all this information very worth while. You are right; Lee is to be commended. And this is just one of his latest ventures on behalf of classical music in Boston…

    Bettina A. Norton
    executive editor

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