Miracle of Science = A miracle if you get served

Jumping to the top of the list of places to avoid like the plague is Miracle of Science (321 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge) near Central Square. I used to go there a fair amount when I was in school, but I don’t remember the service being nearly as bad as it’s been for quite some time now. The slow and inattentive service has been so annoying for so long that I’ve been avoiding it more often than not, but last weekend was the last straw.

A and I went in last Saturday and there were only a few people already seated, so we were looking forward to a quick and easy lunch. But alas, it was not to be. We ordered, and then we waited … and waited … and waited. By the time we realized we’d been waiting for almost half an hour and noticed that the waitstaff and cook had just been pretty much standing around chatting all that time, we finally got up and asked what was going on. Some guy, who I presume was a manager or something, told us there’d been a mistake and they’d lost our order. When A pointed out they could’ve told us when they realized what had happened instead of just letting us wait even longer, rather than apologize or offer us some compensation the guy just got defensive and started blustering that it was “just a simple mistake” and that our food was on its way. Okay, I can understand a place that’s busy if it makes a mistake, but when there are three people handling waiting duties at a small place like the Miracle of Science and there are only three tables to attend to, I’d like to think that any half-decent place would notice if one of those tables was still waiting for their food. By that time we were ravenous, of course, and we just couldn’t be bothered to wait even longer, so we just got up and left.

It’s a mystery how service can be so bad in a place that otherwise has a lot going for it. The owner, Chris Lutes, also owns Cambridge 1 which always has fantastic service, as well as Audubon Circle. The food at Miracle is definitely not worth the shoddy service, and it’s too bad that this experience has tipped us over the edge since it’s pretty much fine as a bar. Maybe their main problems are with their lunch staff. But in any case we’re never going to go there again; there are more than enough places to go with good service that Miracle certainly won’t be missed.

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