Thumbs up: Cambridge 1, The Red House, and Centre Street Cafe

Since it seems like all I’ve been doing lately is complain about restaurants, I thought I’d just throw together a quick post about some places that we’ve actually had good experiences at.

In contrast to the dismal service at Chris Lutes’ Miracle of Science (as recounted in the immediately preceding post), the service at Cambridge 1 (27 Church Street, Cambridge) in Harvard Square has always been friendly and attentive. The food is also quite commendable: a small menu featuring pizzas with robust flavors. The casual ambience (the back overlooks the peaceful Cambridge Cemetery) tops it off to make us happy to be regulars there. [Actually I just noticed that they opened a second location in the Fenway (1381 Boylston St, Boston) in August of 2007. The review in The Globe of the new location isn’t too complimentary, although I agree somewhat that the quality of the food in the original location has gone down some since it first opened in 2002; but certainly not enough to put us off from going there.]

Last week was a week of exploring, and we hit up The Red House (98 Winthrop St, Cambridge), also in Harvard Square, for the first time. We went on a whim for lunch one weekday not expecting much, and we were pleasantly surprised. The food was much better than average: I had the artichoke pasta, which was surprisingly flavorful, and A had the “breadless club sandwich”, which turned out to be the insides of a club sandwich on four skewers. The service was great, and the dessert turned out to be a real find. We were torn between the tiramisu and the cake-like dessert with berries and red currants (and Chantilly cream?), but we chose the latter and it was easily one of the best desserts I’ve had in Boston in a very long time. We’ll definitely be making a trip back just for that. The reviews on Yelp are less encouraging and may indicate a lack of consistency, but we’re keeping our hopes up.

Lastly, A and I happened to eat at Centre Street Cafe (669A Centre Street, Jamaica Plain) two days in a row, once for brunch and once for dinner. The place is a small, casual, neighborhood restaurant that is completely unassuming but serves honest and unfussy food with friendly service. Such a place should be far more common than it is, and we were won over. If we lived in JP this would be a great place for a laid-back meal.

Just a sampling of some good meals recently. This post serves as a good reminder to myself that yes, there are still good dining experiences to be had in Boston, both old and new.

One response to “Thumbs up: Cambridge 1, The Red House, and Centre Street Cafe

  1. I’ve been eating at Centre Street Cafe in JP for years. They are consistently good. That’s hard to find.

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