Two restaurant closings

Today was quite a sad day. A and I hadn’t been to Shilla in Harvard Square for a while, so we swung by for lunch. It was only after we’d sat down and ordered that we noticed the sign on the wall … and found out that after 23 years it’s closing its doors tomorrow due to having to give up their lease. In a previous post I’d mentioned that we were regulars there, and so of course this was incredibly disappointing news. The sign mentions that the restaurant directly up two flights of stairs, the relatively new Shabu-Ya, is owned by the same people and will feature some Korean items on their menu. I don’t hold out much hope that it’ll be much of a consolation, but we’ll definitely be checking it out.

In other restaurant closing news, Great Bay also closed, just a couple of weeks or so ago. It was sad to see it go, although we had observed its steady decline. One can only hope that new restaurants will help fill the void.

One response to “Two restaurant closings

  1. Apparently Reef Cafe closed earlier this year, too. Damn.

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